Do you believe there are unseen entities in our world of any sort? Have any strange stories to tell?


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Someone I know told me when she got married, they moved to this house used to be owned by an old lady. She saw an old lady ghost hovering over her bed at night grinning with black teeth trying to scare her a few times. When she came to my parents' house, she also said she saw a lady in white hovering right in front of my bedroom on the stairs not at night, but in the morning :oops:

She is not the jokey type at all and I completely trust her. Maybe she can see these things, I am 100% sure she doesn't hallucinate.


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I was 15 and on holiday at my Aunt's Victoriam Terrace house and her kids were still at school for a couple of days so I was on my own in the house at about 11.00am.

I listened to footsteps walking back and forth, directly above me upstairs in the 'carpeted' empty house for about 15 mins before I called my Grandma to tell her and then noped my shit to her house on one of my cousins bikes.

Turns out my youngest cousin aged about 12/13 had woken two or three times to a dark figure at the end of the bed staring at him. Never stayed at their house alone again after that, even in the day.

When my Nan was in her 30's she moved to a rural cottage that looked out over a field and was washing the dishes one day when she saw a little kid (male) with no clothes on run across the field in front of her house, she said he looked about 3 or 4 years old.

Nan dropped her washing up gloves and literally tore her curlers from her hair as she ran to the nearest neighbours house to tell them that their son was out of the house and naked.

Neighbours took her inside, told her they had no young children and that she had seen the ghost of a child in the 1930's who drowned in the now filled in pond in the field behind her cottage. That previous people in her house had seen him.

Nan was someone who believed in NOTHING supernatural and she never believed that either and still swore that she saw a child. She went and searched the field after talking to the neighbours and there was no trace of a child and no other house he could have come from. She never believed she saw a ghost, but could never explain where that little boy came from or went or why he had no clothes on.
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