Eye makeup help


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As I get older I seem to be developing a sensitivity to eye makeup, eye shadow in particular, and I’m looking for suggestions. I’ve never been able to wear Rimmel, but now No7 and Max Factor really irritate.
I’m in my early 50s and also wondering if I should be looking at cream eyeshadow.
My style is a “less is more” type and I’m happy to go higher end if necessary but would prefer cruelty free as I’m now trying to be a bit more ethical.
Can anyone help?


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If the main problem is irritation I’d try Clinique. I’ve been wearing their eyeshadows for years with no problems. I’m not sure they quite qualify on the cruelty-free front as they’re owned by a huge conglomerate, but I believe animal experiments for cosmetics are no longer widely performed or even legal.


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There's also Aveda, which feels comfortable and not itchy to me. They are more natural than most and it could be the chemical nasties that cause the problem. I have a lovely eye pencil which I use for above the eye as well.