How very unothersite of me.


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I’ve been building up to this confession all day.

I’ve never been in the Sistine Chapel, never mind screamed in there (mainly because at the time, the queue to get in was so long, I couldn’t be bothered to wait).
I use own brand bleach, not Zoflora.
Mr Langtry’s hobby does not entail the wearing of Lycra. He collects stamps.
None of my children are called Balonz. Well, actually, I don’t have children but if I had, I wouldn’t have called them Balonz.

And here’s the kicker...
I have absolutely no idea what a Pom Bear is and once, when I completed a survey seeking ideas to make Othersite more welcoming, I suggested they cut out the swearing and devise rules of etiquette for the AIBU board (wine may have been involved).

I’m not even entry level Othersite, am I?


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Honestly, Hotsoapywater, you’re not even trying <shakes head in despair>

You mean a ‘former local government residence with outstanding architectural features, in its own grounds’.
<<<|Dies laughing>>>>>

No, we had it dirt cheap on a sink estate in the North....

I don't do any washing
I don't really have any clothes that wash- I dry clean almost everything except underwear and sleepwear.

I have not ironed anything for at least 10 years- I am not sure if we have an iron- we have an ironing board- it is in the laundry room (aka my husbands domain) I have seen it through the door (I don't go in)
A fucking laundry room, Lily? You have a laundry room?

This is the funniest thread ever.
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I don't care what class people think I am.
I don't know what class I am. According to some on 'othersite' I'm too poor and uneducated to be working class.
Despite working.
As Hawthorn says, I care not.

A fucking laundry room, Lily? You have a laundry room?
I have a laundry room! Well it's a room with the tumble drier and clothes horse, and big pile of washed and dried clothes that never get put away in it.
Ok, it's the spare room and it contains the tumble dryer because the kitchen is too small.
I also have a boot room.
Which is the bit at the bottom of the stairs where we dump muddy coats and boots and wipe over muddy dogs before coming up into the flat.
Yes, it's a larger than average porch.

I've just realised I have 3 ovens! My normal one. The halogen effort I bought until I could afford my normally one.
And the um, microwave......
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My husband does not have a beaker on his bedside table.

I don't have a holiday home in Mexico and I have no CF neighbours who'd want to rent the holiday home that I don't own.

My neighbours don't blame their puddles on me.

I don't look out of the window all day noting which neighbour is parking where (and I've never seen any of them wearing a pink dressing gown).


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Oh no I am a cliche
(the whole road have them- Victorian terraces- I cant help if-honestly)

I get drunk sometimes (usually in the local pub but occasionally at home)

I drink more than 1 bottle of wine a week but I am not an alcoholic.
Oh well. A terraced house? (I love Victorian terraces)

As for getting drunk?

This has reminded me that I don't buy new pyjamas at Christmas. I never have. My children always made do with their usual ones at Christmas. After reading Othersite I realised that I have been doing it wrong all these years and that I am fortunate that no-one called Social Services.
Hum. I rung them for you.
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