I had to put my beautiful hen to sleep this morning. Feeling devastated

Otters Rule

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I'm glad to hear you're doing okay. I smiled at your description of her greedy face. That's how I used to describe our old girl - a Staffie. Well, she combined greedy eyes with a strategic parking of her bottom just where you needed to step.


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Oh Lola 😮 always had chickens and Winnie was the matriarch.
One day, I picked up a stray lurcher who had clearly been terribly abused. I brought him home, put him in the field and went to get him some food.

Stupid, stupid, stupid. My dogs grew up with the hens. I just never thought.

Dont need to tell you what happened, but I have never forgiven myself, and still mourn little Winnie.

They have such characters, I know they are not pets, but they are part of the family.
Take care xx