Rats in house and getting a kitten or cat


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Why can't we train them to ignore small birds but exterminate rats, mice and the odd pigeon?

And people we don't like? Now that would be vair useful.
I read about someone who did that. She got her cats as kittens and every time they stalked birds she squirted them with a water gun. Apparently they quickly gave up their interest in trying to catch birds! I was a bit disbelieving but maybe that’s the answer!


If you start off with a harness and lead you need to do it slowly, leave it lying about for a while before putting it on and let the cat get used to it. They do that funny low to the ground thing at first. After a while of putting it on for a while it will be time to venture outside. I have a harness but wouldn't recommend the maker (was supposed to be made to measurements but was obviously one that had been rejected as the stitching was terrible and it was the wrong size) and a retractable lead. Couldn't take a chance on little cat getting lost in a strange place.


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She was trembling before...

My son wanted a black female cat as a successor to our large black and white male. He decided to call her “Rosie” after the engine on Thomas the Tank. This has now morphed into “Rose” as she is far too feisty, clumsy and comical to be called “Rosie” 😂
Sounds adorable. 🌹