Sorry for the downtime!


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So very glad that the glitch is fixed! And that the licence has been extended!
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Oh I didn't look at the big R - I can't use that place.
I did look at the spin off of this place, sadly they've moved and I don't think I got a invite/message to move my account.
Do you mean 'Edward VII's mistress'? I joined in on the thread when this place closed down for good (or so we thought) but when they moved on I must have missed the invite! Anyway, I'm super happy here and mega pleased to have you all back šŸ˜Š


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No need for anyone to contribute, it was down for technical reasons and took way longer than it should have done.

We all need more support as is so I've extended things until April 2022 at least so people know this site isn't going anywhere.
That is very reassuring. Thank you.


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I was browsing the old haunt and reddit, seeing if anyone had put a message (cryptic or otherwise)
I did look at another mum-themed site cough but was worried what would happen if I made reference to, for example a post would get deleted on that site. Eg 'anyone here from here?'

We need codes!