What do you think about Harry and Meghan these days?


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Have they really thought through what they're doing or are they floundering? Why are they living in LA now when MM said she wouldn't live in the US while Trump was President?

Oh, and how do you pronounce "Archewell"?


I try not to think about them these days. But they do just keep going on and on. Makes it so hard to ignore them :geek:

Then again, watching the slo-mo collapse of any credibility they may have had is something to do during lockdown!
Her I have some respect for after she's clawed her way up, him complete tosser that turned his back on everything he knew.
I know what you mean. It's a begrudging respect for sure, but she managed to spin straw into gold. And then back into straw...

JCMH is defo a tosser though
I'm starting to wonder if the fun Harry was a cover by the RF and media for a lot of things over the last decade and half...surely not all of how he is now can be Meghan's 'fault'?

Meghan however... there's definitely something brewing there. She can pretend to be happy and smiley and lovely... but all her actions are showing the exact opposite. Telling of her pregnancy at Eugenie's wedding, the constant bump clutching and quite obviously flicking her coat open so people could see the bump, telling the RF of their leaving the UK/Family on the eve of Kate's birthday, releasing pictures on a day that Camilla had a big DV speech (despite allegedly promising not to), the Royal Sussex name, the timing of their new foundation/whatever it is launch/naming etc and so much more.


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The timing was a bit thoughtless and the whole thing is irrelevant to me. I don’t support a royal family set up at all.

What I do find bizarre is you see these aggressive posters roaming the net being incredibly unkind to other people, yet they are staunch supporters of Harry and Meghan and anyone who doesn’t fawn over them is a massive racist.

Nap Time

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I find it sad that Harry and Wills appear to have lost their relationship among the whole debacle, with Archie unlikely to ever really know his cousins or extended family.

i do hope things work out for them both, because they’re quite clearly not happy with life and seem to need to chase the perfect ideal.


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I’ve gone from respecting them to really not liking their behaviour at all.

Their brand is an oxymoron. All the quotes they spout about only wanting to do good ‘in the world’ that are accompanied by posed photos (that have been agreed) We don’t need to hear about it! If they were sincerely trying to do good for others, rather than for themselves, they would be more discrete about it. Staying loyal to the firm they could have supported charities until the cows came home. The new brand Archewell I think is a play on their sons name Archie.

In summary they are self serving self promoting entitleists!

PS who owns this mums.chat ... Anyone to do with old MN?


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I honestly think that WHATEVER they do - stay quiet, do events, do social media, anything - people will hate them for it. There was an article somewhere showing several examples of where Kate & Meghan had done exactly the same thing, like touching their bump, and the totally different media headlines. Piers Morgan has it in for her and as we can see with anything, the press completely shapes public opinion. One of the Daily Mail comments (yes I know) about Kate & Will's cringy webchat with the schoolskids said "why don't H&M do something like this!!".

Well if they did, they'd get loads of abuse about "attention seeking" and "posing". They can't do right for doing wrong, I don't blame them for leaving. It reminds me of being at school where whatever I did, I couldn't impress the popular wankers that ran the place.


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I feel sorry for them, Harry was understandably damaged from his childhood and Diana's tragic death. He then maybe felt useless once his army career was over and William was the more important. Meghan came along and gave him a way out. They don't do themselves any favours though, one PR disaster after another. What a time to announce the new company name. I wish them well but I can't see Harry will be happy been a celebrity in LA for very long.